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Mural Arts Looking to Hire Director of Restorative Justice Program

MAP Hiring for the Director of Restorative Justice
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Mural Arts Philadelphia is seeking a Director to lead the work of its nationally recognized Restorative Justice Program. Restorative justice is an alternative to traditional means of rehabilitation and punishment. Restorative Justice provides an opportunity for men and women to restore their relationships with themselves, their families, those experiencing harm, communities impacted by harm, and the opportunity for accountability. In the Restorative Justice paradigm, there is an acknowledgment of interconnectedness and alternatives to punishment. This reimaging courageously engages the first steps on the path to healing and positive contribution.

Salary: $70,000 - $80,000

Consistent with the multiple levels of impact Mural Arts strives to achieve across its many programs, our Restorative Justice Program aims to:

  • Improve opportunities and quality of life for those in and returning from prison in order to reduce recidivism and increase chances of successful re-entry.

  • Stimulate healing in communities negatively impacted by crime and incarceration, including those who are victimized by crime and the families that suffer from the disruptive effects of mass incarceration.

  • Model safety and care through comprehensive programs, empowerment through art, and a focus on eliminating violence.

  • Use community art and partnerships with justice and diversion organizations to engage and inform diverse audiences about specific issues and challenges relating to the justice system with the goal of creating a more supportive environment for those reentering society.

  • Develop the capacity of staff and program members to incorporate restorative practices in the community through modeling and encouraging creative and effective approaches to discipline.

  • Influence the systems that devise and implement our criminal justice system to reduce inequity and bias and pursue strategies that best serve the needs of individuals and communities.

The Restorative Justice Program accomplishes these goals through an interconnected series of activities, including:

  • High profile public art projects examining topics of critical relevance to the justice system.

  • Art workshops at state and local prisons.

  • A four to six month re-entry program in which participants build intra-program relationships, learn self-care practices, public engagement skills, apprentice on public art projects, and receive job training and placement support.

  • Peer mentorship and continuing support for re-entry graduates that become alumni.

The program also facilitates public events, symposia, and exhibitions designed to foster dialogue about key issues and offer a platform to underrepresented voices within the system. All of these efforts are led in deep collaboration with the City of Philadelphia and a vast network of partners

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