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Points of Triangulation, By Mural Arts, Asks Us to Change How We Perceive Incarcerated People

AL DìA: Andrew Kolba | December 2, 2021

With a recently unveiled mural — Points of TriangulationMural Arts Philadelphia is asking for viewers and residents to change how they perceive incarcerated people.

The mural was first unveiled in October, during this past Mural Arts Month.

Mural Arts Philadelphia is posing the question by depicting two separate yet similar murals that face one another. The intention is to ask viewers to make a choice.

One mural is headlined with, “once stigmatized,” with the following descriptors: “Second class, deprived, denied, degraded, setback, dehumanized, barriers, alienated; quicksand.”

In this mural, each person depicted is wearing light-colored carceral clothing. In the second, each person is depicted wearing clothing unique from one another, and full of character.

The second mural is headlined: “always resilient,” with uplifting descriptors that oppose the negativity and stigma of the previous.'

Beneath “always resilient” reads: “passion, gem, catalyst, living testimony, comeback, dignity, beacon, property,” and “spirit.”

Both of the two murals are painted over a backdrop reminiscent of stained glass window art.

Philadelphia is currently one of the most heavily-incarcerated cities in America, and Points of Triangulation seeks to address this reality.

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