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National Reentry Workforce Collaborative Partners With Alliance for Community and Justice

MyChesCo: March 18, 2022

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Two leading entities in the work of reentry program development and support — National Reentry Workforce Collaborative and The Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation — are partnering to provide reentry program providers with credentialing. This is an important step to promoting research-backed practices that directly impact outcomes for participants.

The Importance of Reentry Programs

One in three adults in the U.S. have a criminal record. These talented individuals make up a large segment of the labor force. However, there are thousands of legal and regulatory restrictions that limit or prohibit people convicted of crimes from accessing employment, business and occupational licensing, housing, voting, education, and other rights, benefits, and opportunities. Reentry programs and services play a critical role in the life of individuals impacted by the justice system, especially those who are returning from incarceration. Facilitating reentry services requires a great deal of skill and commitment to develop and implement evidence-informed programming that can build on individual strengths while overcoming the barriers to success.

There are two leading organizations working to accelerate the impact of socially significant outcomes in reentry: National Reentry Workforce Collaborative (NRWC) and the Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation (ACJI). Both organizations have a shared purpose to support the reentry workforce, providing resources and support to an array of stakeholders. This new partnership will streamline delivery of credentialing directly to program leaders and practitioners who provide services for people impacted by the justice system.

“We are honored to partner with ACJI to provide the field with this well needed resource. The reentry workforce field consists of some of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. This resource will help to establish standard implementation practices and build on the skills of reentry leaders and practitioners, and validate their experience and dedication to the work,” said, Jason Whyte, Chairman at NRWC.

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