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PAR Recycle Works Employs Returning Citizens for an Environmental Purpose

WHYY PBS: Raquel Perez | March 27, 2022

According to the EPA, Americans generated 2.7 million tons of consumer electronics waste in 2018. The world produces 50 million tons of e-waste each year. Only 20% of that waste is recycled, with the remaining waste going to landfills.

People Advancing Reintegration, known as PAR-Recycle Works, is a nonprofit organization trying to change those recycling rates — as well as the rate of the formerly incarcerated who end up back in prison.

The mission of PAR-Recycle is to reduce recidivism through electronics recycling. The organization provides transitional employment to people who are returning home from prison. The nonprofit started back in 2016 and has worked with 110 people. Of that number, 90 have gone on to full-time work, and only two have gone back to prison.

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