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Office of Violence Prevention Hiring for Program Specialist & Case Manager Positions

The Office of Violence Prevention is hiring a Program Specialist and a Group Violence Intervention (GVI) Case Manager to join our team. If you know of someone who may be interested, please have them apply as soon as possible. Please find details below:

Please find the details for the Program Specialist role with the Office of Violence Prevention here.

They are seeking to hire a highly motivated and talented individual to coordinate program services and community outreach initiatives for Philadelphia’s office of Violence Prevention. The Program Specialist will also be responsible for assuring all violence prevention programs are in compliance and will report to the Deputy Director of Violence Prevention

Please find the details for the GVI Case Manager for with the Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention here.

The City of Philadelphia is seeking a full-time Gun Violence Intervention (GVI) Case Manager to provide day-to-day social services coordination and management support to the GVI Program. The National Network for Safe Communities’ GVI has repeatedly demonstrated that violence can be dramatically reduced when a partnership of community members, law enforcement, and social service providers directly engages with the small and active number of people involved in street groups. The program clearly communicates a moral message from community representatives that violence will not be tolerated; a law enforcement message that any future violence will be met with clear, predictable, and certain consequences; and an offer of help from social service providers for those who want it.

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