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PCCD Announcing $105 million in Anti-Violence Funds

Pennsylvania's most recent state budget gave PCCD $105 million to fund anti-violence work across the Commonwealth. This is more than double the funding from last year. A huge thanks to Governor Wolf, as well as our state reps and state senators from the Philadelphia delegation, for making this happen! They fought for this for months, and delivered even more than most people thought was possible.

There is not an open funding solicitation for this money yet. However, they hope to release that in the coming weeks, so you can start strategizing about what your application might look like.

So, what happens now?

  • You should sign up for notifications from PCCD's Egrants system so that you know as soon as any new funding opportunities open up.

  • PCCD is working on finalizing the funding announcement now. Once it's finished, it has to get approved by our School Safety & Security Committee before we can release it. Expect this to happen by the end of summer, but as with all things in a large bureaucracy, that's not guaranteed.

  • Start thinking about what your application might look like now!

  • As you're thinking about your application, please consider partnering with other organizations, agencies, systems, etc. While it's not always possible to do a partnership for every program, partnerships tend to make for stronger applications. So start reaching out to potential partners sooner rather than later so that you're not scrambling to build a program the week before the deadline.

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