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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Seeking Case Management Provider for Reentry Workforce Support

PHS seeks a Case Management Provider to offer transitional support to men and women, who are returning to the workforce, through our green industry job training programs. The Case Manager will act as a liaison to and develop partnerships with various resource networks to ensure that the basic needs of program participants are addressed and to help facilitate participant success.

Strong advocacy skills are required as this individual will at times be responsible for bridging the communication gap between participants and other entities, including employment partners, the judicial system, medical professionals, and housing providers. Good time management is also a key component for success in this position. The case management load will include 40-50 participants and appointments must be regularly scheduled and utilized productively. Accurate documentation is required for this position and notes will be used to monitor participant progress and to address priorities, challenges, and goals for everyone. The ideal candidate will be culturally competent and can recognize and respect the different nuances of various cultures and ethnicities.

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