People Who Got Their 1st Vaccine Dose While Incarcerated at PDP Can Go to Two Sites for Their 2nd

People released from PDP before receiving their second dose can go to ICJ or the Department of Public Health location for their second and that they're receiving a letter from PDP that specifies the date of their appointment

If someone is incarcerated when they are due for your second dose you will be called to medical to receive the follow-up injection.

If someone is released prior to receiving their second dose, they can contact the facilities listed below to receive a second dose. They must wait a minimum of 24 days from their first dose before receiving their second dose and can receive it up to six weeks after their first dose.

Locations to Receive a Second Dose in the Community:

Philadelphia Department of Public Health

500 South Broad St., Suite 360, Philadelphia, PA, 19146


Hours for 2nd Dose: 9am to 3pm

Philadelphia FIGHT

267-436-3126 - Option 2

1233 Locust St., 2nd Fl, Philadelphia PA 19107

Hours for 2nd Dose: 9am to 5pm