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Petey Greene Program Hosting Webinar: What is Educational Justice? (11/16)

Join the Petey Greene Program (PGP) on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, @ 3 p.m. for a webinar in our Justice Education Series, titled What is Educational Justice?

In June, the PGP published a blog titled “Supporting the Freedom Dreams of Incarcerated Learners and Volunteer Tutors'' which argued that “access to high-quality educational programming and educational support for currently and formerly incarcerated learners are matters of justice… Because, as we have learned from the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated learners we serve, educational programming is one of the only services focused on their freedom dreams.”

During this webinar the following panelists will continue this conversation: Ved Price - executive director for the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison, Rebecca Ginsburg - co-founder and current director of the Education Justice Project, William Freeman III - manager of Higher Education Education Justice Initiatives for the Education Trust, and Christina Dawkins - social justice consultant of A4Abolitionist.

These practitioners are engaged in the work of educational justice and they will help us think about and apply answers to these five broad questions: (1) What is educational injustice/justice? (2) What is the relationship between mass incarceration, the carceral state, and educational justice? (3) Why should prison education programs pursue education justice? (4) In what ways does high-quality educational programming support the freedom dreams of currently incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people? (5) What is the relationship between educational justice, reform, abolition, and freedom dreaming?

Panelist and organization bios can be found here.

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