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Petey Greene Program Looking to Hire Director of Regions

The Director of Regions will be responsible for managing and coaching regional programmatic staff to support their professional development, guiding the development of programs across all regions, and using a metrics-driven approach throughout their work. In this capacity, they will also serve as a crucial connection between PGP’s national leadership team and its regional staff.

More specifically, the Director of Regions will manage and support PGP’s regional programmatic staff in their work to provide high-quality tutoring services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students in each of the PGP’s six regions. This includes direct supervisory responsibilities for all of PGP’s Regional Managers, currently six, who are based in Massachusetts/Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. Each Regional Manager is responsible for leading programming and ensuring the provision of high-quality tutoring services in their respective region, including overseeing the PGP’s relationships with local correctional facilities, reentry or community-based service providers, and universities or campus groups. Regional Managers also typically manage a regional staff of 1-3 other programmatic staff members.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

Responsibilities Include:

  • Direct supervisory responsibilities for Regional Managers—currently six

  • Support regional staff in the performance of their everyday job functions as well as help troubleshoot immediate challenges that arise with students, volunteers, or partners

  • Regularly monitor program data to ensure consistent implementation of processes and accurate data in all regions

  • Support professional development of regional staff, including development of their own management skills and practice

  • Implement metrics-driven approaches to management, relying on programmatic data and processes tracked in PGP’s Salesforce system

  • Collaborate with Regional Managers, the Executive Director of Operations, and the Director of Curriculum & Training to develop an approach to collecting and utilizing academic data

  • Support regional staff in building, supporting, and advising PGP’s campus-based student organizations, as well as recruiting volunteers on partner campuses, with a particular focus on recruiting, elevating, and supporting PGP’s Black volunteer tutors

  • Collaborate with PGP’s Executive Director of Operations to ensure PGP program staff receive the training required to implement programs effectively

  • Collaborate with regional program staff, and the Executive Director of Operations, to develop regional strategic plans aligned with PGP’s organization-wide strategic plan

  • Collaborate with Regional Managers and PGP’s leadership team to develop new programs, with a focus on sustainability in terms of both funding and staff capacity

  • Lead performance management process for regional staff (annual goal-setting, followed by mid-year and end-of-year check-ins), with direct responsibility for Regional Managers performance management; train and coach Regional Managers to lead performance management process for their direct reports; contribute to performance management process updates based on experience

  • Facilitate connection and learning across geographically-separated regions and staff members in different geographic areas

  • Travel at least once a month to regional locations to meet with regional staff, support partnership meetings, attend regional events, etc.

  • Serve as a connection between PGP’s national leadership team and regional staff, sharing program updates, challenges, and trends, as well as highlighting opportunities for funding that should be pursued by the PGP’s development team

Required Qualifications

  • Supervisory expertise, and a passion for coaching and mentoring early-career professionals

  • Experience in incorporating trauma-informed leadership and accountability as a central part of your management praxis

  • Willingness to learn the minute details of programmatic processes, in order to support regional staff in performing their roles and ensure adherence to org-wide expectations

  • Familiarity with Salesforce or another CRM, and/or general comfort and skill in learning new technologies

  • Exceptional facility, and proven track record, with interpreting programmatic data and implementing metrics-driven approaches to program management

  • Experience with and knowledge of tutor-centric educational programs and/or volunteer programs

  • Experience with and knowledge of education in carceral environments

  • Clear written and oral communicator, particularly in setting and following up on management expectations

  • Ability to lead and support both in-person and virtual meetings, and adjust communication style for various stakeholders (correctional facility administrators, university or community volunteers, campus-based student organizations, etc.)

  • Ability to simultaneously hold the long-term vision of a region in mind, while also focusing on the day-to-day details that make a program successful

  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented, with the ability to monitor and support staff in their responsibilities as well as track and complete your own

Salary is commensurate with experience.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

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