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Philadelphia Community Violence Intervention Program RFP

RFP_Workforce Support Service Community Violence Intervention_DB-1
Download PDF • 946KB

The City is seeking partners to contract for services as part of their new READI-style initiative, in 5 specific service categories:

  • Coordinating agency and administrative backbone

  • Street outreach and case management

  • Transitional jobs and coaching

  • Behavioral health supports

  • Housing supports

If you're interested, please see below/attached for more details. The application deadline is August 26th at 5pm.

History of READI

First launched in August 2017 in Chicago by the Heartland Alliance (“Heartland”), READI connects individuals who are at highest risk of gun violence involvement with employment in paid transitional jobs, cognitive behavioral intervention (“CBI”) , and supportive services in order to decrease their involvement in shootings and homicides and the criminal justice system, and to help them create a path for better life outcomes. READI is by design a disruptive model that leverages:

  • An evidence base on transitional jobs and cognitive behavioral therapy (“CBT”) curriculum delivery

  • A new application of predictive analytics

  • And a partnership across multiple organizations, disciplines, and communities in order to test whether a highly-targeted, intensive programmatic effort can produce a measurable decline in violence and criminal justice involvement among those at highest risk

Through a partnership with the University of Chicago’s Crime and Poverty Labs (“Urban Labs”), Heartland learned about the dynamics surrounding men in its READI Chicago program: 80% of READI Chicago participants have lost a loved one to gun violence, 70% of READI Chicago participants have been a victim of gun violence themselves, and READI Chicago participants experience abnormally high rates of criminal justice involvement with an average of eighteen arrests, including arrests for violent crimes such as aggravated battery, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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