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Philadelphia Works and Graduate! Philadelphia Partnering on Skills Forward Initiative

The Skills Forward Initiative is a partnership between Philadelphia Works, Accenture, the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia, and Graduate! Philadelphia. These groups have come together to provide training and support that will enable job seekers in Philadelphia to make successful career transitions. ​ ​ Skills Forward starts with online training programs designed to help entry-level job seekers fine tune their skills through courses in specialized career-tracks and general professional skills like workplace communication and time management.

Skills Forward learners are given the opportunity to (1) connect with a mentor to guide them on their professional journey and (2) interview with local companies hiring for in-demand occupations. Participants will also have access to services offered by the PA CareerLink® PHL, including interview preparation, resume building, and referrals to additional skills training programs.

For more information, call 1-833-750-5627 (JOBS) or email ​​

Get started on the PHL Career Portal Platform today!

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