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Philly Counts Ambassador Application: Due 5/26/21

Do you enjoy interacting and engaging with your community? Are you passionate about promoting public health through conversations, sharing resources, and providing support? Are you interested in professional development opportunities?

If so, apply to be a Philly Counts Ambassador!

Philly Counts Ambassadors will participate in a paid, ten-week organizing and workforce development program. Ambassadors will work in priority neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia, as identified by Philly Counts in partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

Ambassadors will collaborate with Philly Counts Organizers as they build neighborhood groups and coalitions, plan neighborhood engagement activities and events, recruit volunteers, interact with community members through canvassing door-door, community conversations, and phone bank. Ambassadors will learn, practice, and execute community organizing tactics that will be useful now and in the future. Ambassadors will work in specific neighborhoods, and help create and carry out plans to spread the word about the COVID-19 vaccines and provide the information people need to make healthy decisions for themselves and their loved ones. The program will culminate in each Ambassador completing a final project, supported by Philly Counts staff, that raises awareness of or shares information about the vaccine. Ambassadors will have a key role helping achieve Philly Counts’ ultimate goal of reaching community immunity, when 70% of Philadelphians are vaccinated, which is the CDC’s recommended rate.

Additionally, Philly Counts Ambassadors will receive paid workforce development (training and skills to be prepared for future jobs) and professional development opportunities to help with networking and future job seeking.

This program is for people aged 18 and over.

Please see full job description here:

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