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Philly Jails See Increase in Women Who Are Incarcerated, Move to Consolidate Population

WHYY: Tom MacDonald - September 21, 2022

The Philadelphia Department of Prisons is reorganizing its population in order to fully use its space to maximum efficiency.

Starting Wednesday, women who are currently incarcerated at the Alternative and Special Detention Central Unit at 8101 State Road will be transferred to the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center at 8301 State Road. The move is a return to where women had been held prior to the opening of the Riverside Correctional Facility in 2004.

“The move was designed to “most effectively house and manage the incarcerated population,” prisons commissioner Blanche Carney said in a statement.

In an interview with WHYY, Commissioner Carney added, “As we’ve seen, the population is increasing. When you’re looking at population management, this was an opportunity where we said, listen, we’re above 300. We’re not seeing this number decrease. So it makes sense to consolidate the population at one facility now.”

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