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PowerCorpsPHL Application is Still Open, and They've Added an Additional Start Date

This means that it is not too late to share this opportunity with any 18–30-year-old men and woman who are looking to make big moves for their future. They must have a high school diploma/GED and must have a Philadelphia address.

We have candidates currently in the application process starting on August 16th. The next start date is September 20th. If that seems too far away, we are giving candidates the option to plug into TRUST immediately (enrolling in TRUST waives the on-site interview.) On September 20th, they’d transition into the PowerCorps process. To get started with either option, complete the application here: If anyone wants to get started immediately by enrolling in TRUST, they’d need to attend an onboarding session at Vaux Big Picture High School: Monday, August 23rd, 10am Vaux Big Picture High School 2300 Master Street, enter at 24th Street (look for tall flagpole) TRUST contact person: Dominic Speach, 267-318-3858, (Contact Dominic Speach for future dates if you can’t make it on August 23rd) Bring any of these that you currently have: 1. State ID, Driver’s license, Philly City ID, or passport 2. SSN card 3. Birth certificate 4. Diploma/GED At a minimum, you will need a valid ID For questions about PowerCorps or the TRUST-to-PowerCorps process, contact: Data & Recruitment Coordinator, Ali Martinez, at

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