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Reawakening: Radee Hammett Helps People Jumpstart Life After Incarceration

Generocity: Jos Duncan - March 26th, 2021

While Radee Hammett was incarcerated, he witnessed a tragic act of violence that shifted his perspective on the value of his life.

In 2016, with his newly bolstered vision intact, he was released after serving three years in prison. Set on using his inherent talents as a speaker and leader to make a positive impact, he quickly realized he needed help with day-to-day necessities in order to change his life’s course.

He went to a halfway house and put his pride aside to accept support from his mother, sister, family members and friends.

Within a year, Hammett found his footing and founded The Reawakening Agency to help people who are transitioning back into society after incarceration. He started by putting donation boxes in hair salons, libraries, and recreation centers. Then he purchased and prepared care packages and distributed them to shelters and drug treatment centers.

Since the organization’s inception, Hammett and his team have served more than 3,000 homeless and formerly incarcerated people with care packages filled with hygiene products, underwear, masks, condoms, feminine products, and more.

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