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Recording of PRC Overdose Prevention Training (11/17)

PRC Presentation SUPHR final
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A 2018 study found that of the individuals who died post-incarceration in PDP from 2010-2016, 33% died of drug poisoning, aka overdose. The risk is especially acute within two weeks of release.

The Philadelphia Reentry Coalition partnered with Philadelphia's Department of Public Health to offer a training on harm reduction resources and best practices.

Topics that were be covered:

- General overdose and harm reduction overview

- Practical overdose prevention resources available in the field

- Reentry specific overdose information


OD Stat Annual Report

OD Stat Recommendations (as of 6/2022)

Unintentional Drug Overdose Fatalities in Philadelphia, 2021


Drug Policy Alliance

Filter Magazine

National Harm Reduction Coalition


Undoing Drugs: How Harm Reduction is Changing the Future of Drugs and Addiction by Maia Szalavitz

There was also time for discussion and networking with other attendees, and a chance for members to share resources and advice of their own.

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