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“Reentry and Redemption:” ‘Walkies’ Film Series Screening Promotes Post-prison Rehabilitation

The Hawk Newspaper: Eddie Daou | November 16, 2021

Shuja Moore and Sydia Bagley spoke to the St. Joe’s community about trauma and post-prison rehabilitation following a screening of “Healed People, Heal People,” the third episode of “Walkies,” a digital series telling the stories of people who have found success after being incarcerated.

The event, entitled “Reentry and Redemption: ‘Walkies’ Films Screening and Q&A,” was held on Nov. 9 at the Forum Theatre in Campion Student Center.

Moore, the creator and executive producer of “Walkies,” started the series to highlight the voices of those who have previously been incarcerated and to help those that may be at risk. After being incarcerated for 12 years, Moore returned to West Philadelphia upon release to support the community by providing economic advice and support.

Moore and the “Walkies” team host nation-wide screenings of the series, both virtually and in-person. “In our criminal and legal system—and I’m being intentional without saying justice system because I haven’t experienced justice from going through that—it’s set up to make it very easy to enter and very hard to exit,” Moore said during the event. “Once you are released, there’s nothing but barriers.”

The event was sponsored by the Center for Inclusion and Diversity (CID), the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative and the Pedro Arrupé Center for Business. Down North Pizza, a business that hires those who have previously been incarcerated, catered the event.

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