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Sign On to Letter Urging HUD to Reform Policies Towards People with Arrest/ Conviction Records

As HUD is finishing up its internal review of policies towards people with arrest and conviction records, the National Low Income Housing Coalition drafted a letter to urge them to make needed reforms (see more below) and is asking organizations across the US to sign in support by Oct 12.

If HUD were to enact these reforms, it could mean millions of people across the US finally have a chance to find safe, affordable, and stable housing.

Listed below are recommendations that HUD should consider while making these crucial updates to admissions policies:

  • Arrests and sealed or expunged records may not be the basis of any adverse action.

  • Explicitly state blanket bans are not allowed.

  • Clarify the meaning of criminal activity that “would adversely affect the health, safety, or welfare of other tenants.”

  • Further define lookback periods.

  • Limit the kinds of criminal activity PHAs and project owners can consider in admissions and evictions decisions

  • Conduct individualized assessments of applicants with criminal records, and provide applicants with a copy of their screening report.

  • Prohibit subsidized housing providers from charging excessive application fees

  • Hold the available unit open while an individualized review is being conducted.

  • Allow people on probation, parole, or completing a diversion program to live in public housing.

  • Limit denials related to illicit drug use.

  • Expand the definitions of “homelessness” and “at risk of homelessness” to be widely inclusive of those exiting incarceration.

  • Include absence as a result of incarceration as a permitted temporary absence.

You can read the full letter here:

Sign on in support here:

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