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Submit Recommendations to The NRWC Solutions Guide

Over 600,000 persons are released from prison each year, and over 10 million leave local jails annually. Once released these individuals face a wide range of barriers to successfully reenter their communities and the labor force. Many organizations that serve people who are impacted by the justice system identify barrier reduction as one of the most important steps in the process in reentry workforce programming.

Therefore, NRWC is pleased to invite your organization to become a collaborator to share best & promising practices and approaches in the reentry workforce field.

The NRWC plans to launch a “Solutions Guide.” The guide is a publication that will feature several value-added resources (supportive/wraparound service, tool, product, etc.) that are designed to solve pressing BARRIERS faced by reentry workforce program participants and/or practitioners in the field. This publication will be unveiled at NRWC's inaugural conference that will be taking place October 19-21, 2022, in Bethesda, MD.

We would like for your organization to suggest one or more resource(s) that you believe are very effective. These could be something that your organization developed, used, or knows about. To learn how your organization may recommend a resource, click the button below. You can also forward this message to a colleague who you think may be interested in submitting a resource.

To recommend a resource, click here.

About NRWC The National Reentry Workforce Collaborative (NRWC) is a network of organizations that collaborate to catalyze equity in the workforce field for people impacted by the justice system. Visit their NEW WEBSITE.

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