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Targeted Community Investment Grant Liaison Position Open

The Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) is seeking two detail-orientated and enthusiastic people to assist with the Targeted Community Investment Grant (TCIG) program. If you have experience or known of someone with the experience of grants and looking to empower community groups and grassroots organizations to sustain their gun violence prevention programs and activities within the City of Philadelphia, please email your resume to, no later than Thursday, August 12, 2021, by 5 pm.

Program Goals and Objectives:

The TCIG program aims to provide individuals and community-based organizations in Philadelphia with resources to implement a violence prevention (or reduction) program or activity that promotes safety, opportunity, and/or community engagement in neighborhoods most vulnerable to gun violence.

The primary objective of this grant program is to implement violence prevention (or reduction) programs or activities in areas of the city with high rates of gun violence that offer greater support to the people and communities most at risk of gun violence. Possible programs or activities could include a focus on addressing trauma, building resiliency, mediating conflict, or promoting social or economic empowerment. Other potential programs or activities could include:

o Group/youth programs or activities focused on at-risk populations

o Outreach events/resource fairs to increase access to employment opportunities

o Arts and crafts/neighborhood beautification projects to reduce blight

o Educational events

o Activities to mobilize the community to stop gun violence

Consultant Summary:

We are seeking highly motivated and talented individuals to assist grant recipients with fiscal documentation and technical assistance through the grant processes. This person will also attend and assess grantees’ events/programs to ensure that the goals and objectives are being met and that programs directly or indirectly reduce gun violence in Philadelphia. This individual will work to build the compacity and sustainability of projects under the TCIG program. This person will report directly to the TCIG Program Specialist and support them with new initiatives that stimulate the TCIG program.

Essential Functions:

TCIG Liaison would be responsible for community outreach and technical assistance among other duties such as:

• Serving as the liaison between the fiscal sponsor and grantees to ensure proper paperwork is processed promptly

• Attend fiscal sponsor orientations to familiarize themself with fiscal processes, documentation, and deadlines

• Attend and assess projects (virtually or in-person) using site visit assessment tools

• Conduct outreach to cultivate partnerships with educators, agencies, and trainers that focus on building compacity, sustainability, and/or community networking that will be introduced to current and previous grantees at monthly meetings

• Gather data and measurables from grantees that support program outcomes as well as feedback from participants and grantees.

Core Competencies:

• Familiar with the importance of deadlines

• Strong attention to detail

• Strong understanding of cultural competency and humility

• Ability to problem solve and exercise good judgment promptly

• Experience with building partnerships

• Familiar with all areas of Philadelphia

• Willingness to work evenings, as needed

• Ability to travel within the City of Philadelphia (car, SEPTA, etc.), as needed

• Ability to meet with grantees virtually and in-person, as needed

• Strong experience with Adobe, DocuSign, Microsoft Office 365, and Zoom, preferred

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