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The Petey Greene Program is Accepting Applications for Their Volunteer Tutor Opportunity

Interested applicants who apply now would be considered for the fall semester.

Volunteer Commitment and Requirements

Consistency is crucial to student success and is something that sets us apart. Please read our required commitment carefully before applying:

  • All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

  • Volunteering is a weekly commitment that lasts a full academic year (two semesters–Fall and Spring). Our tutoring calendar follows the academic calendar.

  • Volunteers are required to tutor weekly throughout the year, with the exception of academic breaks, exam periods, and holidays. Attendance is required and monitored.

  • Tutoring sessions typically last 2 hours.

  • For in-person tutoring, the tutoring commitment can total 3-4 hours per week including transportation time (transportation can take 30-90 minutes each way).

  • Depending on the program, volunteers must have, and bring with them each week, a government-issued ID (passport, state ID, or driver’s license).

  • All volunteers are required to attend a Pre-Service Tutor Training as well as a Regional Orientation before beginning tutoring.

  • During the semester, volunteers are required to attend at least one event in our Justice Education Series, a Tutor Development Training, and a mid-semester debrief. Until further notice, all required events will be virtual.

  • Depending on the program, volunteers may also be required to complete clearance paperwork.

  • Regional events and follow-up trainings will be offered throughout the year, some of which may be required.

Due to the risks associated with the COVID-19 public health crisis, particularly for incarcerated people and volunteers, the Petey Greene Program is providing primarily virtual tutoring support for students learning in various reentry and institutional settings.

As the pandemic evolves, PGP will also return to providing in-person tutoring support in a limited capacity, when and where it is safe to do so. For in-person tutoring the following policies apply:

  • Volunteers participating in in-person tutoring must be vaccinated and will be required to provide proof of vaccination.

  • PGP cannot guarantee the vaccination status of students or partner staff members who volunteers might interact with. Therefore volunteers may need to be comfortable tutoring or working with someone who is unvaccinated.

  • Regardless of vaccination status, both volunteers and students will be required to wear a mask during tutoring sessions.

If a volunteer is not vaccinated or is not comfortable tutoring someone who is unvaccinated, PGP will still have virtual tutoring opportunities.

Please also be aware that due to the pandemic, there are a very limited number of tutoring spots available at this time. However, we encourage you to submit an application and will keep you informed of tutoring opportunities in the upcoming or future semesters, as well as other ways to support the Petey Greene Program.

The PGP typically recruits university students as volunteer tutors, though they are open to all applicants.

To view the PGP's website, click here.

To apply, click here.

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