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The Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative

Graduate! Philadelphia has partnered with Accenture, Philadelphia Works, and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia to create a flexible and engaging training program called the Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative. The Philadelphia Skills Forward Initiative provides the necessary training and support that will enable job seekers in Philadelphia to make successful career transitions. Learners will have access to 140+ online and smartphone courses and resources covering: Foundational Skills, Career Planning and Job Search, Professional Skills, and Job Tracks. Several courses are offered in both English and Spanish*.

*10 Job Seeker courses offered in Spanish: Career Planning, Starting Your Resume, Finalize Your Resume, Intro to Cover Letters, Networking Techniques, Expand Your Network, Using Social Media Professionally, Professional Online Profile, Types of Interviews, The Interview Process

Their goal is to help you get the job you’ve always wanted along with the skills to compete in today’s economy.

Philadelphia Skills Forward Intake Form

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