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PTEC Requesting Proposals for Research that Aims to Decrease Inequity in Healthcare (7/29)

PTEC Health Inequities Research Grant Program 2022 Call for Proposals
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PTEC is committed to developing methods for the collection and use of data in support of efforts to decrease health inequity in the U.S. healthcare system. Novel approaches and inspired collaborations are necessary to identify ways to measure and reward more equitable health outcomes. PTEC is particularly focused on solutions for conditions that disproportionally affect racialized communities (Black, Latinx, Asian, and Native American). These conditions include cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, vaccine equity, and cancer.

This call for proposals (CFP) will provide grant support for research studies that harness the power of data to identify metrics, outcome measures, or payment models that can be used to encourage practices that decrease inequity in the healthcare system. Research supported by this CFP is not intended to be merely descriptive, but to identify inequitable practices or outcomes and propose a data-driven solution.

To learn more about the selection criteria, click here or the above attachment.

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