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Sanctuary Foundation Highlighted by The Sun Newspapers

The Sun Newspapers: Christine Harkinson | May 31, 2022

Sanctuary Foundation for Veterans (SF4V) is a nonprofit whose mission is to make sure all veterans and their families have the help and resources they need to be self-sufficient, by providing support services that include housing and mental-health treatment.

Its founder and CEO, LaShaunda Carter, started the foundation after working in the medical field for more than 17 years.

“When (Barack) Obama became president, he put a spotlight on Veterans Affairs (short for the federal Department of Veterans Affairs or the VA) and basically told the world what was happening behind closed doors and how they were dropping the ball on our veterans,” she recalled.

“I decided then, in 2013, that I was going to help them and start an organization.”

Carter explained how the foundation is supported by communities far and wide.

“If people knew they had a direct means to be able to help veterans and they were getting the help that was needed, they would donate and help and they have,” she explained. “ … We’ve been heavily supported by our donors and people who support us to make sure that these veterans are getting direct help.”

The foundation will host its second annual community outreach event Saturday at Sanctuary Services for Veterans in Willingboro. All veterans and dependent and surviving spouses who need information and assistance with benefits, services and community resources are welcome to attend.

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