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The Wardrobe Hosting Events in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Bucks County (3/28-30)

March 30th will be the Philadelphia & Upper Darby Open Wardrobe with a specific focus on justice-involved women. We will have resources, free bras-to-order and free bra fittings.

*Please note that The Wardrobe includes all women, including trans women whenever we talk about events for women.*

These Open Wardrobe events will be part of Smart & Sexy week sponsored by the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits.

See here for a listing of even more events in Philadelphia, Delaware County, and Bucks County.

Important General Reminders:

  • Due to a high volume of participants, we are limiting folks to 4 free shopping visits per calendar year. Your client may receive an email from me notifying them if they are coming close to their appointment limit. Of course, we will stretch that rule on a needs basis- just let me know.

  • If you have trouble getting an appointment in Philadelphia, there are ALWAYS open slots at our Delaware County location- same experience, just less crowded.

  • Our Open Wardrobe events are planned out through June 2023, if you'd like to see a different population focus in the second half of the year please let me know.

  • Our April Open Wardrobe will be one of our favorites- Prom!! We are in need of plus size prom dresses as well as all sizes of formal menswear- please spread the word! That donation ask is also attached.

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