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Upcoming Workshops for Fighting Mass Incarceration in PA (11/16, 11/22, 12/2, 12/6, 12/14)

Abolitionist Law Center, Straight Ahead, Solidarity not Solitary PA, and the Decarceration Bloc are inviting community members to join them for a series of workshops on fighting mass incarceration in November and December. The workshops are designed for anyone--regardless of your experience or specific area of interest--and they’ll help folks understand the mass imprisonment system and develop knowledge and skills to take part in advocating and fighting for change. There are 5 workshops for Nov and Dec in three different areas; see the flyer below for more info (direct schedule and registration links are beneath that).

Please register for as many workshops as you want, and also spread word widely. As this system of mass policing and imprisonment churns on in Pennsylvania, we know it will take all of us connecting, building, and fighting together to fight it and win liberation for our friends, family, and fellow Pennsylvanians who have suffered from it. It will take a movement to win the justice we need--and we need to build with and support one another to get there.

Workshop Schedule for Nov and Dec:

Political Intro to Mass Incarceration:

-Nov 22, 6pm: The Rise of Hanging Justice: How Mass Incarceration Was Built,

-Dec 6, 6pm: From 5 prisons to 28: Mass Incarceration in Pennsylvania,

Changing Laws:

-Nov 16, 6pm: Disentangling Harrisburg: How our Legislature Works and How We Can Win,

-Dec 14, 6pm: How to Lobby Most Effectively (use same registration link as above)

Telling Your Story:

-Dec 2, 6pm: Telling Your Story on Your Own Terms: VPSA public speaking training

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