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Using Technology to Reduce Recidivism: A Novel Approach to Resident Communications and Resources

Corrections 1: Laura Neitzel | May 12, 2022

Today there are approximately 2.1 million people behind bars in the U.S. While that number represents the lowest number of incarcerated residents in the U.S. since 2008, the U.S. still leads the world in the percentage of a country’s population that is incarcerated.

As a result, such diverse organizations as The Charles Koch Institute and the ACLU agree that America is falling short of its ideal of a society of equal rights and justice for all. This has led to bipartisan efforts to reform the prison system into one that respects the dignity of incarcerated residents and their families and ensures that residents have access to programs that help prepare them to be productive, law-abiding citizens upon their re-entry into society.

While reform efforts are designed to benefit both incarcerated residents and their families, these reforms, aided by the use of technology, can also create better work environments for corrections officers and improve facility operations as well. Technologies like VendEngine’s cloud-based software are transforming jail and prison operations by providing real-time information that make officers more situationally aware and processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Through the use of a kiosk or mobile device, residents can use VendEngine’s apps and modules to communicate with family and friends; receive and access funds to use for commissary, games, movies and other items; access legal and educational resources; file grievances; and request real-time medical attention.

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