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Visit LINCS' Reentry Education Tool Kit for Adult Education and Literacy

To build or strengthen a reentry education continuum, providers need a solid program infrastructure that includes adequate programmatic resources and program capacity, data collection and evaluation procedures, and policies supportive of reentry education.

The LINCS Learning Portal is an open-access, web-based learning platform that provides professional development for adult educators and practioners.

The courses offered on the LINCS Learning Portal are freely available to educators. There are over 20 self-paced online courses available for use anytime, anywhere. Each course is virtually facilitated, though registration is required.

To find out the average amount of hours it takes to complete each course, please see the descriptions listed below. Note: The courses do not track the amount of time it takes for a user to complete them; rather, the number of hours given for each course is based off of a general estimate.

For more information on completing LINCS Learning Portal courses, please view our Learning Portal Course Guide

To learn more about LINCS' infrastructure, click here.

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