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Why Not Prosper Looking to Hire Operations Director

Contact: Rev. Dr. Michelle A. Simmons

Phone: 610-716-1113



The Operations Director is responsible for managing the administrative functions of the organization and supporting the CEO. The Operations Director manages all program and administrative operations, including client services, finance and development, and outreach. The Operations Director manages the organization’s office and residential properties and assists other staff with human resource duties, including client services, fundraising, and internal and external communications. Duties include participation in community events and occasional board meetings which often take place in the evening or on weekends.


Office & Organizational Infrastructure

1. Keep the computer and telephone system up and running, working with appropriate vendors and volunteer support.

2. Manage building maintenance, including cleaning, security, utilities, heating/air conditioning, and other duties as necessary for all properties.

3. Oversee budgeting and purchasing of office supplies.

4. Fill in as office greeter/receptionist as needed. Identify and recruit volunteer leadership to assist in clerical and fulfillment duties.

Human Resources

1. Facilitate all employee transitions, including new hires, office systems training, explanation of benefits, as well as employee exits, including proper benefits documentation and related paperwork.

2. Maintain and implement all Personnel Policies.

3. Develop and support an employee performance review process and schedule.

4. Maintain current and complete employee personnel files.

External Communications

1. Assist as needed in writing, producing, and circulating press releases, newsletter articles, event flyers, action alerts, and social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Website). Oversee volunteers and vendors as necessary to execute external communications activities.

Financial Duties

1. Assist the CEO with budget preparation.

2. Make bank deposits when necessary.

3. Prepare appropriate financial statements for grant progress reports.

4. Set up and manage cash box for events; record and deposit event proceeds.

Fundraising and Development Support

1. Motivate and lead high performance volunteer teams; Assist the CEO in attracting, recruiting and retaining required volunteer leadership to ensure the successful completion of fundraising events (Gala; Auction, Skating Party).

2. Assist the CEO in researching appropriate foundation funders and preparing funding reports as requested.

3. Fully understand fundraising processes and be able to assist the CEO with donation data entry and acknowledgement as needed.

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