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With Time We Can Series: Interview With PRC Member Joshua Garner About His Incarceration

Joshua Garner (left)

From Northeast Philadelphia, Joshua Garner grew up having both parents and one brother. Having a good childhood, he attended catholic school and graduated from high school. Trouble began in his life at age 17, after his best friend drowned in a river. In the video, Joshua conveys that he developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his best friend’s death and believing that the death was his fault. In response to the trauma, he began self-medicating with drugs, which eventually led to his incarceration.

Because his case was considered “high profile,” he was placed at a maximum-security prison, where he claimed to have had to “earn respect” by fighting. After undergoing lockdown, evaluation, and finally being placed at SCI Houtzdale in PA, Joshua was 6 hours away from home.

During the interview, Joshua conveys that visiting was challenging for his family, and that being incarcerated was particularly difficult for his children. His son and daughter had to be taken care of by his parents, and his son began to “act out” because he missed having his father home. Joshua says, “being home soon, isn’t soon enough.”

Watch the full video to learn how Joshua Garner persevered through adversity and while in prison, was coined the name “Jail-house” lawyer. While incarcerated, he received his Paralegal certification, became a GED tutor, and in addition to his own case, helped overturn 17 incarcerated individual’s DUI cases.

To hear the full details of Joshua's story, click here.

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