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Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project Hiring Organizing and Advocacy Director

The Organizing & Advocacy Director will be responsible for training and supporting YASP’s team of youth organizers in building power to end youth incarceration in Pennsylvania, with a particular focus on our campaign to end the prosecution and detention of youth as adults. This position will work closely with YASP’s Co-Directors to support youth staff in developing and implementing campaign strategies, creating public support for ending youth incarceration, and envisioning alternative responses to youth violence.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with YASP leadership and youth organizers to develop and implement campaign strategies

  • Provide regular supervision, training, and support for YASP youth organizers

  • Build relationships with young people and families directly impacted by the criminal legal system to invite them into campaign work

  • Support YASP youth leaders and members in telling their stories in ways that are empowering and center their agency and power

  • Provide regular updates to all staff on campaign strategies, tactics and outcomes

  • Grow support for YASP campaigns through public events, social media engagement and community outreach

  • Represent YASP in various coalitional spaces, such as the Care Not Control campaign, the #No215Jail Coalition and others

  • Develop relationships with key political allies to advance our campaign goals

  • Work with YASP Development Coordinator to produce updates on our campaign work for funders and individual donors

  • Additional duties per discretion of YASP Co-Directors


  • At least two to three years of organizing experience, including experience in planning and implementing campaign strategy. This can be paid or volunteer experience.

  • Deep commitment, experience and skill in working closely with young people in ways that lift up and center youth leadership

  • Knowledge and experience in utilizing social media to promote advocacy campaigns and share information

  • An understanding of the many harms caused by mass incarceration and a firm commitment to ending mass incarceration and creating restorative, transformative responses to harm and violence

  • Familiarity with the criminal legal system and its impacts on young people, families and communities

  • Proficiency with Google Drive and Google Calendar and/or willingness to learn

  • Flexibility with schedule and willingness to occasionally work evenings and weekends

  • People directly impacted by incarceration and the criminal legal system - or who have a family member who has been directly impacted - are strongly encouraged to apply. Black and brown people who are from communities directly impacted by mass incarceration are strongly encouraged to apply.

To learn more and apply, click here.

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