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Community Engagement 
Embed community engagement into the Coalition's work. 
Develop and implement a strategy to engage returning citizens and the wider community, and recognize and support the leadership of people with lived experience.
Align pursuits of reentry funding and collectively pursue a cohesive strategy to both increase the resources dedicated to reentry in Philadelphia, and attract and direct resources in ways that best meet the needs of returning citizens. 
Identify funding opportunities to build the Coalition's capacity, facilitate collaboration among stakeholders to pursue funding opportunities in line with Home for Good, and create processes by which the Coalition can support stakeholders’ funding efforts.
Data and Metrics
Increase the availability, sharing, and decision-making of/with data about reentry in Philadelphia. 
Coordinate the collection of metrics and data (including recidivism), facilitate data-sharing among stakeholders, and advise stakeholders on data-related issues.
Increase the number of returning citizens referred to education from various points in the criminal justice system, and improve educational outcomes of people who are currently and formerly incarcerated. 
Reduce recidivism by increasing the number of returning citizens who are able to achieve their employment and career-related goals. 
Increase the number of returning citizens who receive treatment/care for physical and behavioral health issues. 
In development 
The Education, Employment, Health, and Housing subcommittees share information about related reentry efforts, educate stakeholders about the topic as it relates to reentry, identify shared challenges, and problem-solve to reduce recidivism.
Juvenile Life Without Parole (JLWOP) Working Group
 Ensure that juvenile lifers returning to Philadelphia are able to access the resources they need to achieve their goals in the community.
Share information and create a collective strategy to support the reentry needs of individuals previously sentenced to life without parole as juveniles returning to Philadelphia. 
We are planning to add additional materials including resources and meeting notes to these folders.

As of early 2021, the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition is proceeding through a strategic planning process and not all subcommittees remain active. For more information, please contact TJ von Oehsen,

To learn more about or join one of these subcommittees, email
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